About Us​

Built by Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs.

At 716 Biz Exchange, we’ve created more than just a brokerage – we’ve established a community where business owners can transition their life’s work to capable hands. Our journey began as a quest to provide a platform where the efforts and dreams embedded in a business are genuinely appreciated.

We believe that the path of selling or buying a business is not just a transaction, but a personal journey, filled with aspirations and hard-earned accomplishments. Our team, comprised of individuals who have personally started, nurtured, and successfully transitioned their businesses, deeply understands the financial and emotional intricacies involved.

We’re not just salespeople; we’re entrepreneurs who’ve experienced firsthand the excitement, the challenges, and the nuances of both selling and acquiring businesses. We’ve felt the thrill of due diligence, uncovering the potential of a well-crafted enterprise ready for its next chapter.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to step into the world of business ownership, equipped with the insights and guidance needed to succeed. We take pride in facilitating the transfer of quality businesses, ensuring that each step is taken with diligence, respect, and a shared sense of achievement.